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    No More "Marketing As Usual"

    I believe that this is the most opportune moment for the owners and managers of both small and medium-sized business to make a commitment NOW to develop a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan and not wait for this economy or their market (s) to turn around.

    5050BIZ Launches New Generation Virtual Office That Bundles Business Management, Social Networking and Communication Tools All in One Website

    5050BIZ today launched an innovative, low-cost, easy-to-use virtual office different from other business solutions. It bundles together, in a single Website, many of the digital management and communication tools, as well as social business networking tools that businesses need to succeed today.

    Using Article Marketing to Create Continuous Evergreen Traffic

    by Ed Duvall - Marketing via articles is one of the best forms of free advertising on or offline that is available for bringing new visitors to our websites.

    Business Law Savvy - Protect Your Company From 5 Common Legal Risks

    by Marjorie Jobe, J.D. - Unfortunately in today's business world, it is only a matter of time before your company is sued by someone or investigated by some governmental agency. However, you can lesson the odds by understanding and identifying the most common legal problems that could come your way and protecting your company against them.

    Why Managers and Supervisors ARE NOT the Best Communicators During Times of Change

    by - Marcia Xenitelis - Everywhere you look these days the focus in Human Resources and Employee Communication is managing change within organizations. But most of these programs fail to achieve their objectives. During bad economic times the focus is usually on providing coaching on understanding the emotions people go through during change, helping employees deal with the complex emotions of watching colleagues leave, communication strategies that utilise management hierarchies to communicate face to face with their teams on what is happening next in organizational restructures and so on. The reason why this approach does not work is because the focus is on managing fear, not change.

    What Is Winning?

    by Andre Taylor - As an author, speaker, and leadership development consultant I tell individuals and companies all the time: "You Can Still Win!" I have also authored a book by the same name and give talks to groups of all sizes on the subject. It's a given: If you ask most people whether they would like to win they'll say "yes," without hesitation, but how often do we truly examine what we mean by winning?

    Abraham Lincoln and the 10,000-Hour Rule

    by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. - The Beatles did it before becoming world famous. Bill Gates did it before becoming one of the world's richest men. And Abraham Lincoln did it before becoming one of America's most honored President. Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, maintains that anyone who expects to become world-class at anything had better plan on doing it. And what is IT?

    Entrepreneur: Do you want to be one? Are you prepared to be one?

    by Joe Vaccaro, CBM - Do you want more independence, money, and quality time with the family? Are you experiencing career stagnation? Are you worried about downsizing, mergers, or going into an early retirement that you never wanted? Do you need a new challenge? You might be saying to yourself that you have always been successful in everything you have done in the past, so how difficult can going into business for yourself really be?

    Protect Your Business From Criminal Investigations – The Worst Legal Disaster Imaginable

    by Marjorie Jobe, J.D. - Most business owners and executives think that because they are good people who do their best to follow all laws and rules, they are immune from worrying about criminal business investigations and issues. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Everyday conduct and occurrences can be construed as criminal.

    Have You Sold Yourself?

    by Mark Hunter - You will always be your number one customer. It's not the big account you service, nor is it the hot new prospect you just uncovered; it's you. The reason is simple. If you're not completely confident in what you're selling, you will never come close to maximizing your sales potential.

    Appreciating The Driving Forces Of Network Marketing

    by Kirk Bannerman - Terms such as Network Marketing, 'MLM', and Multi Level Marketing all refer to the same type of business model. This industry has had more than it's share of scumbag crooks and con artists that have used and abused the concept. However, if you do your homework and get involved with a legitimate network marketing organization, this business model has exceptional income potential.

    Social Media Marketing Strategies

    by Tammy Corbett - Social Media Marketing (SMM) targets users by promoting content through bookmarking, blogging, online video sharing, and social networking to potentially expand their audience and drive traffic to their website. Businesses are beginning to understand the power of these influences when it comes to establishing a reputation and growing their online business. Social media marketing strategies such as a business' engagement in various social media websites can help to generate branding and a personal connection with its users.

    Six Advantages to Virtual Trade Shows

    by Susan A. Friedmann, CSP - A virtual trade show is a cross between a webcast meeting and a video game. And it's the next big trend in trade shows. Although a mere 1% of all trade shows are now held online, industry experts expect that by 2015, more than 25% of trade shows will be conducted in virtual environments. That's a market you can't afford to ignore.

    Four Simple Ways to Reduce Tech Support and Help Desk Costs

    by Scott Gordon - If you are looking for areas in your business where you can 'trim the fat,' you are not alone – many companies are in a similar position. Taking a closer look at ways you can reduce the costs associated with your in-house tech support and help desk is a great place to get started. Thankfully, there are some simple things that your company can do to reduce tech support costs – and increase user satisfaction in the process.

    IRS Fines Numerous Business Owners, Accountants, Insurance Agents $200k +

    by Lance Wallach - Currently, the Internal Revenues Service ("IRS") has the discretion to assess hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties under Section 6707A of the Internal Revenue Code ("Code") in an attempt to curb tax avoidance shelters. This discretion can be applied regardless of the innocence of the taxpayer and was granted by Congress. It works so if the you have engaged in a listed transaction and failed to properly disclose it, you will be subject to a potentially draconian penalty regardless of any other facts and circumstances concerning the transaction. For some, this penalty has been assessed a million dollars and for many it is the beginning of a long nightmare.

    Sales Goals in a Tough Economy

    by Mark Hunter - I understand that it takes work to make your goal, but, at the same time, don't lose sight that occasionally nice breaks do occur. The good news is that you can be successful if you're willing to take the time to work through the following steps, despite the current state of the economy.

    She Made It Up As She Went

    by Greg Tamblyn - Hae-Yung showed me that creativity and determination can often overcome inexperience. She would rather try something new, make a mistake and correct it, than do nothing for fear of failure.

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